Solutions for Small Business

Actionable Promotion

The Com.unity app encourages customers to take action and form relationships with your business.

Social Media Consultation

We help your small business tell its story on social media in an engaging, effective, and native way.

Personalized Strategy

Inbound marketing guidance for each platform tailored to your business's unique needs and strengths.

Content Creation

Native content that creates value for your customers and makes them want to interact with your brand.

Regional Analytics

Identify key demographics and customer interests to target your message and products/services.

Support your local area

Reward your customers and drive local engagement, communication, and economic activity.

How can we help your small business?

Engaging customers on social networks

Facebook and Twitter aren't the only players in the game anymore. Your customers, especially if you plan to acquire the next generation of buyers, are spending more than 17% of their time (1.5 hours per day) on Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine. 

Large corporations are beginning to understand this, and now dedicate many resources and entire internal teams to reaching their market on social media. If you are a small business owner on the other hand, things are tougher. Tools for small business are far more limited, and offer little guidance to creating and running a successful strategy.

At Com.unity, we help small businesses tell their story, create brand awareness, and grow their customer base with actionable promotion and proven social media strategies.

Com.unity will change the way you interact with your customer.

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"Com.unity changed my little convenience store into a neighborhood destination."
- Anwar Mughal
Small Business Owner
"I feel like I'm giving back to the local places that I love to go"
- Kellie Reyes
app user
"With Com.unity, you get straight to the point: analyzing data, rather than searching for it"
- Mike Hampton
Restaurant Manager

Welcome to the future.