What is Com.unity?

Com.unity is a revolutionary social app that rewards you for interacting with your local area.

A local Com.unity consists of people and organizations in a geographic area. People interact with their local organizations to earn a virtual currency called karma. They can spend their karma on coupons offered by those same local businesses on the Com.unity app rewards market.

But Com.unity is more than just a loyalty program, it is an idea. It is the idea that together, we are more than the sum of our parts. Being engaged in your local area promotes economic activity, communication, and solidarity.

Join us in making a richer, more connected world. Welcome to the Com.unity.

Save money and earn rewards by supporting your local organizations!

Why Com.unity?

Support Local

When you buy local, more of your money stays local. 48% of money spent in a local business goes back into the economy of the area, in comparison to only 1% at a chain retail store.

Use your phone, not a card

With Com.unity there are no plastic or punch cards to keep track of. All you need is the app to start interacting locally and saving money.

Build a better world

By using Com.unity, you foster local interaction, communication, and economic activity. This means a richer, more connected world for everyone!

There are 3 ways to earn points



Shop local businesses and check-in on the Com.unity app.



Interact on social media, share ideas and build relationships.



Participate in sponsered community or individual activities.

So basically...


How do I get started?

Com.unity is currently beta testing in select regions of Michigan. If you live near one of our beta cities, you can grab a beta pass at a participating local business.

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Welcome to the future.